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Promopeer is a full service company that specializes in producing marketing materials for trade shows, events and expos. We can help you create everything from your booth signage to your lanyards and badges.

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Lanyards are an incredibly useful and popular item which are worn by many workers because they can hold ID cards, keys, and other items. As well as practicality, lanyards are also a very useful tool to market your business because people are being exposed to your brand name. Promopeer has a number of lanyards that you can brand with your company’s logo including silicone lanyards, 3D logo lanyards, bamboo lanyards, Evox lanyards and even vinyl ID holders to attach to them.

Why is it called a lanyard?

The word lanyard comes from the French word ‘laniere’, which means strap or thong. Believe it or not, lanyards have actually been around since the 1500s when French soldiers and pirates used them to keep their weapons close. Back then, lanyards were made of rope or cord and tied around the person’s weapon of choice. Even during World War II, soldiers had been witnessed using lanyards to attach their pistols to their uniform.

What are lanyards used for?

Statement item

Nowadays, lanyards aren’t just useful for carrying items around on your neck, but they’re also decorative. A lanyard can be used to show others where you work or a way to support a cause. For example, rainbow-coloured gay pride lanyards have become popular in recent years.

Promotional product

Lanyards serve a very important function at events, which is corporate branding. Companies can use lanyards as a marketing and promotional strategy by customising them and printing them with their business’ unique logo. As people walk around wearing your company’s branded lanyard, your business is getting exposed to many more people than you would’ve been able to target using other marketing tactics. When people are in need of a product or service that you have, you’ll be the first business that pops into their head.


People use lanyards to carry items including:

-       Keys

-       ID cards or badges

-       Security passes

-       Student cards

-       Waterproof cases

-       Face masks

Where can I give out lanyards?

Lanyards can be given out at any type of event including:

-       Conferences

-       Corporate functions

-       Concerts

-       Convention

-       Art exhibition

-       Sports stadiums

You can really give out a lanyard anywhere and are especially useful for people to display event passes.

What material is used for lanyards?

Promopeer sells a few different types of lanyards including ones made of:

-       Silicone

-       Polyester

-       Bamboo


You can purchase our lanyards in a range of colours including:

-       Black

-       Navy

-       Dark Blue

-       Light Blue

-       Teal

-       Clear

-       Green

-       Orange

-       Pink

-       Purple

-       Red

-       Yellow

-       White

How much do custom lanyards cost?

It depends what kind of lanyard you’re looking to buy, how many you need and how customised the design is. At Promopeer, you can find lanyards that are less than $1 per lanyard, but only when they’re purchased in bulk. Not all our lanyards require large minimum orders though, with some just as low as 25 units.