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Promopeer has the widest custom drinkware product offering with bulk and single unit options for screen print, digital and plastisol heat transfers, DTG, pad printing, and sublimation printing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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There are a few general types of promotional drinkware that are most commonly used: 1. Custom water bottles - These are one of the most popular types of promotional drinkware, as they are both practical and eco-friendly. They can be custom printed with your company or brand logo, and come in a variety of styles and colors. 2. Custom coffee mugs - Another popular option, custom coffee mugs make a great giveaway item for customers or clients. They can be printed with your logo or slogan, and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. 3. Custom tumblers - Tumblers are another practical option, and can be used to store both hot and cold drinks. They can be printed with your logo or slogan, and are also available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. 4. Custom growlers - Growlers are receptacles used to store beer before it is poured into a glass. They are usually made of metal or ceramic, and can be printed with your logo or slogan. 5. Custom shot glasses - These are small cups that are commonly used to serve alcohol at bars and for alcoholic beverages at promotional events. They can come custom printed with your company name or brand image, as well as being available in many shapes and sizes depending on the occasion they will be used for. 6. Custom Koozies / stubbie holders - Stubbie holders have become an incredibly popular item due to their practicality and low cost. They are most commonly used to keep beer cold, but can also be used to keep drinks cool at promotional events. 7. Custom plastic cups - Rarely given away for free, these items are usually found at drinking establishments where alcohol is served. They can be custom printed with your logo or slogan, and come a variety of shapes and sizes depending on what occasion they will be used for.

1. Quality is Key! In order to make an effective impression with your marketing campaign, it's important that the quality of the promotional product is high. This will ensure that your company brand has a positive association attached to it in the eyes of consumers and clients. 2. Personalization is Important! The whole point of giving away promotional products at trade shows and special events is so that people associate your company name or brand image with something practical they can use. This is why having your promotional drinkware personalized with your company name or logo is such an important part of this marketing strategy. 3. You Can't Reach Everyone! While it's great to go all out and print up a bunch of custom water bottles, coffee mugs, and tumblers for a marketing event, you can't physically give these items away to everyone who attends. This is why making sure the product you choose also offers some level of customization (such as adding names) is so important in helping promote your brand effectively!

Promotional drinkware offers a wide range of customization options such as laser engraving, screen printing, or even full 360 degree printing around the bottle which will help you create a unique and memorable giveaway item. You can choose from a variety of colors, designs, and styles to create a drinkware item that perfectly reflects your brand or event. Additionally, you can add your company logo or event details to create a truly customized item that will be appreciated by recipients.

When planning a marketing event or promotion, it's important to factor in the lead time required for customized drinkware orders. This is the amount of time needed from the time you place your order until the drinkware is delivered to you. This lead time can vary depending on the type and quantity of drinkware ordered, as well as the level of customization involved. It's important to allow at least 2 weeks for ordering and delivery so that you have enough promotional drinkware on hand for your event or promotion.

Metal drinkware is used by many companies because of its high quality and durability. It also tends to be much heavier than other promotional products, which can increase brand exposure at trade shows or special events where attendees handle large quantities in a short amount of time. Ceramic drinkware is becoming more common for marketing events due to its lightweight feel and unique design options like using multiple colors or adding company logos.

The best way to ensure that your brand is prominently displayed on custom water bottles, cups, and more is by choosing a product that offers full 360 degree printing around the bottle for maximum exposure!

The best custom drinkware items for an event are those that can be used to hold either water or beverages. Metal products tend to be the heaviest of all the promotional drinkware options which can make them difficult for attendees to carry around at trade shows or conferences where they are often standing in one place for long periods of time. Glass bottles that are reusable are great giveaways as well because they give people something very useful that they will continue to use after your event ends!

5 reasons promotional drinkware is a great corporate gift

In the last year, drinkware has been among one of the strongest product lines in promotional products. In fact, it’s estimated that over half a billion units were shipped in 2013 alone. Customization is key to its success. Here are six reasons why you should consider custom drinkware for your next campaign:

1) It’s long-lasting and practical​

As far as giveaways go, customizable drinkware provides a lot of bang for your buck because recipients use them often and can keep them around forever. According to ASI’s 2020 Global Ad Impressions Study, 42% of our homes have drinkware from a major branded company sitting on their shelves right now! The average household owns four pieces of drinkware, and about 23 percent of that drinkware are drinkware purchased as part of a marketing campaign.

2) It’s versatile​

It doesn’t matter if recipients use custom drinkware for iced tea, iced coffee, soda or even beer; the possibilities for customization are endless. Customised Water bottles, tumblers, and customised mugs are all popular options. With so many manufacturers to choose from – whether you want a stainless steel promotional drink bottle or double walled borosilicate glasses – there is something for everyone! Plus, personalized elements such as color/design schemes further elevate their versatility because they can be used for a wide range of occasions. For example: Our 'The 'Dariel' Mug is a cool way to get your notes written with chalk, because of its blackboard area.

3) It’s inexpensive​

Whether you’re looking to purchase customized drinkware for an upcoming promotion or event, or you want to furnish the office with give away cups, drinkware is one of the cheapest promotional product options out there. Plus, customizing drinkware yourself eliminates any additional costs that might come along with outsourcing graphic design and manufacturing. Prices vary depending on your order size; however, wholesale prices start as low as $1 per piece!

4) It’s environmentally-friendly​

According to the EPA, nearly 60 percent of heavy metal contamination in U.S. streams comes from plastic containers like disposable drinkware (e.g., soda cans, water bottles). Recycling only reduces the impact; it doesn't eliminate it. This is why increasing your reusable item usage is a green way to go.

5) It's long-lasting

Customized drinkware is a gift that keeps on giving. It allows recipients to feel appreciated and recognized every time they reach for their water bottle or favorite cup in the office. Drinkware stays with your clients and follows them home, where it greets guests who take notice of its custom design; making an impression that lasts week after week, month after month and year after year too.

6) It's easy to use​

When you consider all of the benefits that customizable drinkware offers, it’s not surprising why the demand is so high! Not only does it provide a better alternative than other promotional products because its brand exposure will last longer on shelves, but it also provides more practical value for everyday use. Just imagine if your company had the opportunity to imprint their logo on something that your customers use everyday. Wouldn't it be great for brand awareness? The best part is, customized drinkware is so affordable that it's easy to order in bulk or give them away for free at events or conventions.