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Promopeer has the widest custom bag offering with bulk and single unit options for screen print, digital and plastisol heat transfers, DTG, embroidery, and sublimation printing.

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Here's why your Business should invest in Promotional Bags


Promotional Bags: What are they?

Like all promotional items, PromoPeer’s promotional bags for Melbourne businesses are a way to create a physical display of your brand's ad. They are your carriers of the advertising message. As a result, your brand's message will be tangible.

·        Promotional bags are effective in building market awareness.

·        Promotional bags are one of the cheapest promotional items.

Our customized promo bags in Melbourne can be one of the best marketing strategies for your company or brand? Learn below why your business should invest in PromoPeer’s promotional bags.

Promotional product will remind customers about your services

Promotional products are rated by consumers at the highest level as the most effective means of advertising. Let’s see the data we collected from various marketing sources:

·        Five out of 10 consumers state that most, if not all, of them are in connection with promotional products.

·        Almost 9 out of 10 consumers remember the brand they see on promotional products.

·        8 out of 10 feel more positive about a brand when they receive a promotional product such as a bag.

·        83% of consumers are more likely to trade a brand with promotional products.

·        The offer of promotional products will make customers happy.

·        83% of consumers would like to receive promotional products, such as promotional bags.

·        Promotional products can lead to 500% more referrals from satisfied customers.

·        48% of consumers said they wanted more promotional products.

·        69% of consumers choose promotional products independently, whether they are useful or usable in some way.

Bags are the most popular promotional items because they offer more impressions each time a public recipient uses them.

Consumers love promotional bags because they are useful in many ways

Most of the consumers say that the main reason for maintaining a promotional product, even if they do not support the brand, it is in some way beneficial.

The most popular promotional bags PromoPeer offer you


·        The Shoulder Bag

·        The Backpack

·        Travel Bags

·        Sports Bags

·        Laptop Bag

·        Transit travel bag

·        Luggage

·        Shopper Bag

·        Drawstring bag

·        Carrie Tote Bag