Branded Promotional Backpacks


Promopeer has the widest backpack offering with bulk and single unit options for screen print, digital and plastisol heat transfers, DTG, embroidery, and sublimation printing.

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Branded Promotional Backpacks

Backpacks aren’t just good for school kids, they’re very practical for adults too. Especially for adults commuting to and from work who catch public transport, cycle or ride an electric scooter, backpacks can conveniently fit everything you need.


Promopeer has a range of high-quality backpacks that can be branded with your logo or design. Backpacks make great corporate gifts or giveaway items and it increases brand awareness.


We sell backpacks including:

-       Travel backpacks

-       Trolley backpacks

-       Anti-theft backpacks

-       Computer backpacks

-       Foldable backpacks

What are good backpack brands?

Promopeer stocks a number of good quality backpack brands including:

-       Camelbak

-       Stormtech

-       Swissdigital

-       Swiss Peak

-       Elleven


We also stock a number of lesser-known backpack brands but are also of high quality that can be branded with your logo or design.

How much does a custom backpack cost?

The cost of Promopeer custom backpacks depends on three factors:

-       The type of backpack you choose

-       The quantity of backpacks you need

-       The design and colour you choose


Our backpacks start from as low as $4.50 per unit.


If you are looking for the best quality, we have backpacks that are built for endurance athletes. These backpacks come with a drinking tube for people who enjoy long hikes or marathon running.

What material are branded backpacks made of?

Promopeer has a huge range of backpacks. You can choose from backpacks made from:

-       Cork

-       Fabric

-       Nylon

-       Paper

-       Polycanvas

-       Polyester

-       Polyethylene

-       PVC


Our backpacks come in a range of different colours including:

-       Black

-       Grey

-       Navy

-       Blue

-       Light blue

-       Light brown

-       Dark forest green

-       Orange

-       Red

-       Dark red

-       Silver

-       Yellow

-       White

What is the minimum order for Promopeer backpacks?

That depends on the type of backpack you’re after. Some of our backpacks don’t require a minimum order while others require a minimum order of 20 or more.

How are logos printed on backpacks?

It depends what material the backpack is made on as this determines what printing methods can be used.

Why are branded backpacks good promotional products?


People take backpacks with them when they’re:

-       Hiking

-       Travelling

-       Going to work

-       Going to a friend’s house

-       Moving


People enjoy receiving promotional products that serve a function, otherwise it’ll just get thrown out or put into the cupboard never to be seen again. Every time someone is using your branded backpack, they’ll think of your business. That means you’ll stay front of mind the next time they are looking for a product that you sell or a service you offer.


 The better the backpack you give them, the more they will trust you because they know that your business values quality. Your company’s brand also has the potential to be exposed to thousands of people as they walk around with your logo on their back.

Cost effective

Even good quality branded backpacks are a much cheaper marketing option than targeting your audience on social media or using other digital marketing tactics. While other types of marketing are also extremely useful at reaching your target audience, promotional products are often overlooked as a powerful marketing tool.

Highly brandable

There’s plenty of space on a backpack to put your logo or design on so that it will catch people’s eye.


A good quality branded backpack that is looked after well, should last 10 years, offering your business maximum brand exposure.