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We create promotional products that clients and teams want to keep. We're passionate about exceptional customer service, high-quality goods, and sustainable products. Check out our interactive catalogue below.

Swag Packs

Employee Onboarding, Customer Suprise Packs, Thank You Packs, Conference Bags, Investor Packs.


T-Shirts, Hoodies, Socks, Pants

Drink Bottles

Metallic Bottles, Sport Bottles, Glass Bottles.

Mugs & Cups

Coffee Cups, Ceramic Mugs, Metallic Mugs


Notebooks, Notepads, Moleskine, Full Custom Print


Tote Bags, Duffel Bags, Backpacks, Drawstring Bags

Custom Print

Stickers, Cards, Badges & Pins, Marketing Material

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Promotional Products done right

If you want to know how to get your brand seen, done right and at the best value for money then promotional products are where it's at. There is no better way to advertise or gain exposure than by using high quality merchandise that can be given away, shared with others or used daily.

What makes PromoPeer different?

PromoPeer works with over 50 suppliers locally and internationally to provide you with the largest range of brandable products. Search by colour, style, budget, or brand.

Discover the viral power of super branded giveaways

With a team of seasoned designers and marketers, we get you the cool factor for your branding. From custom bags, caps and pens, our aim is not just stylish but also impactful with maximum ROI by making sure all marketing dollars are spent wisely on what really matters - winning customers over through design-driven campaigns that work in tandem across digital channels like social media posts or email newsletters while ensuring quality output at every event where they need it most.

The business benefits of Using Promotional Products in Your Company

Are looking for promotional products online for your business in Australia then PromoPeer have got you, we have range of promotional products Australia for matching them to an event theme or building a campaign around them, you can increase sales, customer loyalty, and brand awareness. This list of benefits of promotional products is a great way for your brand to be loved by your customers and prospects.

Better than business cards

Advertising campaigns can be given a creative twist with PromoPeer’s promo products Australia. There are many items you can personalize. There are many options for promotional products. These products can be displayed for many months, tailored to your target market, and will allow your business to shine.

You can stand out from your competitors

Promotional products are distinctive and help you stand out from your competitors. They also make it easier to identify your brand immediately once customers see your logo. Customers will remember you if they see the product as useful. Eighty-five percent of customers do business with the advertiser after receiving a promotional item.

A marketing tool that is budget-friendly

When building your brand, our promotional products can be more cost-effective than other forms of advertising, particularly media. To enhance the value of contact, most branded items relies on word-of-mouth. Increased impressions will help your brand's reputation as promotional products are often passed from one person to another.

Increased sales leads

Promotional products can be more than just branding tools. They are also lead generators. Customers remember these items for a long time. Six out of ten people keep promotional items for at least two years.

PromoPeer’s talented staff can help you choose the right promotional products au for your company or help with printing it.


Are you looking to stand out in brand awareness? We can help you make it a masterpiece. For many years, we have been providing promotional products in Australia. All you have to do is provide us a design you want and give us time. Just a few steps and you can have a stunning promo product.

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